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Alta's Product Development team has a longstanding relationship with Bosside Holsteins which began during John & Tineke Boschma's time farming on the Canadian Island of PEI, and continues to this day at their current location in Colby, WI. From the relationship and one particularly outstanding cow family stems two world-renowned Alta bulls; AltaBOSS and AltaROSS.

One Family, Two Top Bulls for Alta - AltaBOSS & AltaROSS

Bosside Holsteins was founded in 1990 when John, Tineke and their children moved from Marum, Holland to PEI. Originally, the family milked 30 cows; some of whose genetics are still in the current milking herd. A few years after making the trip across the pond, the family moved the operation to another PEI location to allow for a herd expansion to 70 milking cows total.


Once comfortable in their new location, John and Tieneke decided to step up the herd improvement process by buying a potential bull dam. In 1995 at the Limited Edition Sale in Brandson, MO, they bought the cow Lenzway Tesk Ruby T Rita and her Chesapeake daughter. They selected the 'Rita' cow because of her notorious family – the Robthom Ivory Mark family. By 1995 this family had already produced a chart topping bull, Robthom Infinity.


In 1997 Alta Sire Analyst, Roger Turner, purchased the first bull Bosside Holsteins ever sold to AI in Canada – BOSSide Rueben, more commonly known as AltaBOSS. To develop, market and sell BOSSide Ruben to Alta Genetics was a dream come true for the Boschma family.


The bull became an immediate sensation when he hit the Canadian LPI charts in August of 2001 at number 2 LPI. He was highly noted for his outstanding udders at +17 MS. AltaBOSS held true to his family history and breeding pattern, and as his popularity grew worldwide, he delivered high customer satisfaction wherever he was marketed. Over the years, AltaBOSS sold >390,000 units to 35 countries with the US, the UK, Brazil, Canada and Australia purchasing the majority.



In August of 2002, John, Tineke, Hank and Janie moved once again, this time to Colby, Wisconsin, where their herd expansion vision could be more easily realized without the constraints of a quota system. Along with them, the Boschma's brought 110 of their finest animals. In their new location, Boschma's quickly developed a relationship with Jay Jaquet, the Alta Sire Analyst in their region.


Jay and John discussed matings extensively during their visits. The mate which brought us AltaROSS was the result of a discussion regarding John's longing to use O Man on the right kind of cow. The pair came to the conclusion that Bosside Boss Rosie was that kind. Rosie was wide-chested with deep, open rib. Her soft, pliable udder had a deep crease and a long, well attached for udder. These characteristics, combined with O Man's ability to sire the healthy, long-lasting kind made for the golden cross that produced AltaROSS.



AltaROSS burst onto the scene as the number 2 US proven bull for TPI and was quickly used around the globe as a sire of sons. This bull has an exceptional health-trait profile and is outstanding for longevity, daughter fertility, and all calving traits. His high fertility earns him a ConceptPlus designation and he consistently transmits a very functional type pattern. AltaROSS is a good semen producer and a significant amount of his semen has been made into Alta 511 semen. Widely sought after around the world, to date, AltaROSS has sold >290,000 units to 39 countries with no sign of demand slowing down in the near future.




Article by Regional Sire Analysts Roger Turner & Jay Jauquet, and Marketing Specialist Lynsay Henderson

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