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Global Sheep Genetics

Global Sheep Genetics has been founded in Finland 2014. Global Sheep Genetics is the result of finnish-dutch cooperation between HH Embryo Ltd and van Aken Texels. The idea is to provide semen from best dutch texels worldwide. New AI Station was opened on November 2014 and is now ready to serve you in all your AI needs.

Ram Cataloque

Global Sheep Genetics in a nutshell

  • We produce high quality semen of the best texel rams
  • Our semen is from best texels of the Netherlands and it is produced in EU- accredited AI Centre in Finland.
  • All semen is EU- accredited
  • We have doses available both laparoscopic (150M/straw) and shot in the dark (150M/2 x straw) - inseminations 
  • In the future we´ll have also embryos available
  • All our texels are scrapie resistant ARR/ARR 
  • All our rams are tested negative for Scrapie, Maedi visna, Blue tonque, Bruscella ovis, Bruscella melitenensis and Border disease
  • Visit our web store or send an email to info@huitinholstein.net. 
  • Prices are available here or on request for larger orders. 

Global Sheep Genetics/ HH Embryo Ltd 
Huitinraitti 33 12750 PILPALA FINLAND 
e-mail: info@huitinholstein.net
tel: +358-500-735827

Ram station in winter